Washington, DC

Rest in Peace Romo

Photo by PoPville flickr user Erin

A reader reports:

Beloved Romo passed away over the weekend. I know so many of your followers (myself included) loved seeing his pics on the blog. His Mom has a Facebook page that had the info:

It is with a heavy yet full heart that I share, from 4 weeks until today, Romo’s very rich 11 years on this earth. I know he was greeted in heaven with so many loved ones. He gave us endless love, laughter, entertainment, and drool.

He was our son. Through and through, our beloved fur baby. Thank you, to so many of you, for loving him in person, via social, or the news. How he became famous for staring out of a window, we will never know. But that was Romo. His personality was larger than life. Mike, Peter, Xander, Jax, and I thank you for caring enough to follow and check in on him. He was given 3 months to live post finding out he had cancer, but in his brave and superbly stubborn fashion, went a year. That’s my baby. A sweet, kind, caring, gently giant that would fight until the very end to stay with us. I love you baby bear. So so so very much. You are my first born.”


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