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Oh dag. Thanks to Theresa for sending from Workafrolic:

“It is with great sadness that I inform you that Workafrolic is now closed.

I appreciate the enthusiasm you all have shared with me for Workafrolic and I am devastated that we must close so soon.

For the several months that Workafrolic has been in business, we have had some success in establishing a functioning coworking and child care business model that helped working parents like you get the flexible workspace and child care they need. We have provided this unique service to dozens of families. We have served many families who live in our Eckington/Bloomingdale neighborhood, as well as families from all over the DMV region.

My husband and I have funded this business up to this point. Unfortunately, I have taken it as far as I can. I know that this type of business is needed and viable, however it requires more resources than I alone have access to. I am now seeking investors or buyers to help me re-open and scale. I am also planning to explore alternative options and welcome your input and participation.

Until I am able to find outside support, Workafrolic will remain closed. Thank you for your encouragement and appreciation. It has been a wonderful privilege to meet and be a part of so many families’ lives.


Naomi Rasmussen
Founder & CEO”


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