Washington, DC

1025 First Street, SE. Photo by Jake Sauser

8 years in Navy Yard is like 48 in Dupont. Thanks to all who messaged about this sadness. I got some scuttlebutt back in late March that this may happen but I totally blanked on it. They were a pioneer that’s for sure. Hard to remember these days, but this was THE spot to hang (besides Barracks Row) before games back in the day. And so it goes. From Justin’s Facebook:

“It’s been a great eight years. Thank you all for the fun times and memories. We couldn’t have asked for a better run. Ahhh enough tears, cheers to eight years. In the meantime, this staff is some of the best people I’ve met in my life. If y’all have any opportunities open up, these people are pure gold.”

Updates when we learn more about what will become of the space and if there are any planned changes to The Big Stick too.


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