Washington, DC

1727 Wisconsin Ave, NW at S Street

Thanks to Eric for the heads up: “FYI fresh baguette on Wisconsin will open on Thursday.”

Fresh Baguette’s Website says:

“Fresh Baguette is THE authentic French bakery in Bethesda

Our bakery is named after its signature product, the traditional baguette. Our master baker leaves nothing to chance and uses the very best French techniques: a cold dough process that develops unique flavors, homemade “levain” (leaven), and an oven imported from France with a stone based sole for outstanding baking. The result is a baguette that is light, airy, with just the right crunch and doesn’t require a trip to France. And we bake baguettes throughout the day, so you can always get a fresh one.

In addition to our traditional baguette, we offer a wide variety of breads all prepared and baked with the same care:

Sesame or poppy baguette, 4-seed baguette, country baguette and loaf, whole wheat loaf, epeautre (Spelt) baguette and loaf, raisins and walnut loaf, apricot/figs/hazelnut loaf, and a variety of stuffed rolls such as Bacon/Swiss cheese, Mozarella/basil/dried tomatoes, Apricot or Chocolate chips.

Fresh Viennese Pastries

It takes two days, 11 steps, carefully selected ingredients and the skill of a pastry chef to make handcrafted croissants at Fresh Baguette. And the result is simultaneously soft and flaky, shatter-crisp and mouth-meltingly tender croissant.

We offer a full range of Viennese pastries prepared with the same care: Chocolate croissants, almond croissants, almond chocolate croissants, Suisse, raisins buns, apple chausson, brioche buns and loafs, soft baguette.

Fresh Pastries

Made with love by skilled pastry chefs, our pastries bring to you the very best of the French “art de vivre” for your desserts: Fruits tarts, lemon (with and without meringue) tarts, chocolate tarts, Napoleon, Paris-Brest (renamed Paris-DC), Eclairs, Flans, royal cake, Opera cake, …”

Fresh Sweets

If you have never tasted a chouquette, you must experience it. A sweetness that is so light that it’s easy to eat a few of them in a flash. It’s a bite of choux pastry sprinkled with pearl sugar…a very popular delight in France.

Also try our tempting canneles, madeleines, rocher coco, brownies, square hazelnuts, financiers and macarons.

Fresh Savory Goods & Sandwiches

Crusty handcrafted bread + tasty gourmet ingredients + made to order freshness = Le Fresh Baguette sandwich. A full menu along with the “do it yourself” option means there is always a delicious sandwich for every taste.

You can also opt for our homemade quiches, tomato feuilletés, croque ham or bacon, ham cheese croissants, meat pies, tartines, or gougères, the savory version of the chouquettes.

The Treats From France

The culinary French art available at Fresh Baguette with a full selection of biscuits, mustard, pate, chesnut cream, cornichons, carambars, malabars, jams,…”


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