“Have any other individuals or neighborhood groups been successful in getting DDOT to install a stop sign at a dangerous intersection?”

by Prince Of Petworth October 11, 2018 at 11:15 am 0

“Dear PoPville,

The neighbors in central Shaw could use your help seeking advice from the community on how to deal with a dangerous intersection in our neighborhood:

There was another accident at the one-way stop at 8th and Q NW on Monday–this time, an SUV ended up on the sidewalk and mangled a treebox and another vehicle. Both drivers were thankfully OK. An SUV traveling south on 8th (turning left onto Q) hit a Prius traveling east on Q. (8th St. traffic has a stop sign; Q St. traffic does not.) The driver of the SUV said she did not realize cross traffic doesn’t have a stop sign, so she entered the intersection expecting the Prius to stop.

This intersection has long been a hazard, with accidents and daily near-misses between vehicles, bicycles, scooters, and pedestrians. Residents have made multiple appeals to the city to install a stop sign on Q St. to improve the safety of the intersection. In March, at the request of the local neighborhood association, Councilmember Allen wrote a letter to Director Marootian requesting conversion of this intersection to an all-way stop, but we have yet to receive a reply from DDOT regarding this. We also brought this to the attention of the Mayor’s Office of Community Relations & Service, during two walk-through visits and multiple emails over the past few years, also to no avail. Vision Zero? More like Zero Vision.

A few additional factors make this one-way stop particularly hazardous:

– Q Street has a heavily-trafficked bike lane, and while the bike lane has the right-of-way at this intersection, vehicles traveling on 8th are even less likely to yield to bikes than to cars.
– Sight lines at the intersection are often impaired by Ujamaa Shule vehicles illegally parked at the intersection and on the actual sidewalk.
– There are stoplights at 9th and 7th, leading many vehicles traveling on Q to “gun it” to make the light at 7th St.
– This intersection experiences extra heavy foot traffic due to the fact that Giant supermarket, the entrance to the Shaw Metro, Shaw Library, and the Rhode Island Ave crosswalk are all within a couple blocks on 8th; along with multiple schools and seniors’ residences nearby.

The question for PoPville is: Have any other individuals or neighborhood groups been successful in getting DDOT to install a stop sign at a dangerous intersection? If so, any recommended strategies that our neighborhood might adopt? (Also: any recommendations for how to proceed with fixing the treebox?)”


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