Washington, DC

11th and P Street, NW photo by Arielle Kane

UPDATE with official MPD release here.

Arielle reported from 11th and P Street, NW just after 8pm:

“A stabbing. Young woman runner is the victim. Ambulance just left.”

MPD reported:

“Alert: Stabbing at 1956 hrs in the 1400 block of 11th Street,NW. Lookout for three B/M’s. (1) wearing All black clothing. (2) wearing white hat, white shirt, and black pants. (3) wearing mustard colored shirt. DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911″

A reader reported:

“The girl was standing at the corner across from where we were sitting outside eating and she was stabbed by a seemingly random man. Two men sprinted across the street and dragged her into the Chinese restaurant and my friend tried to give her CPR. There was a lot of blood and we had to speak with homicide detectives before we could leave the scene so I am guessing she didn’t make it.”

Updates when MPD releases their official report.


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