Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user brunofish

“Dear PoPville,

My dog, who is a 6 month old golden retriever 25 pound puppy, stuck his head through a fence where someone had made a make-shift rat poison station in a yard in Mount Pleasant (close to the intersection of Irving and Mount Pleasant Street but it was in someone’s yard.) This consisted of blue cylinders of rat poison out in the open on a piece of newspaper with a bait of half a corn on the Cobb. Being a puppy who eats everything really quickly my dog ate it (both the rat poison and the Cobb)and now is in the hospital under a 24 hour watch.

I contacted both the landlord and tenants of the property who were both unaware that there was rat poison in their yard- which makes me think maybe a “concerned citizen” placed it there thinking they were helping other residents in mount pleasant and not knowing the danger of leaving rat poison uncontained.

I should also add that my puppy ate it all… so only the newspaper it was on is still there. However, good to know also in case someone decides to refill the spot.

I am still waiting to hear back from the animal hospital to see if my puppy is ok but passing along the message that if there is a pest issue it is better to get the experts involved or at the very least buy a rat container rather than do it yourself. If it was a concerned citizen I am sure they were just trying to help but in this case, my puppy is still at the hospital and the medical bill at the moment is over $2000.”


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