Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Nathan Stewart

“Dear PoPville,

My girlfriend & I were walking from the Gale to McKinley, over by the corner of R & Harry Thompson Way NE, to watch the fireworks around 9pm. We got a few yards into our walk when someone decided to toss a legit firework at us. Not a sparkler, but something that would make you lose your hand.

Instead of being a responsible individual & lighting his fireworks off at a street corner where he would’ve been visible by other people passing by he chose to throw fireworks from his deck into the alley, & in our case, the sidewalk. If we were a few feet closer there could’ve been a serious injury. I still have a ringing in my left ear from the proximity of the blast. A fellow neighbor saw the entire event & she offered to stay while we called the police. Decided not to pursue. I regret that now.

As much as we love the DC neighborhood fireworks shows, this 4th really showed the stupidity & dangers of drunk people handling expolosives that could potentially seriously hurt someone.”


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