Washington, DC

“Found dog! “Do you know who I am? I am sweet 12/10 good boy who got a bit lost this morning and was found at the Takoma Aquatic Center. I’m older, with cloudy eyes and a shakey leg, but I love pets and kids and don’t seem to mind (or see) other dogs. I have a microchip tag but it wasn’t registered and my other tag goes back to HRA. I’ll head there later this afternoon after I digest my snack, but keep an eye out for my humans! I’ve already won the hearts of my found friends.”

His rabies tag is from 2017 from Georgetown Vet Hospital but they are closed this weekend. We are going to drop him at 1201 New York Ave (HRA hq for lost pups) today (7/7/18). Get the word out!

Thank you!! I’m happy to field questions as well. [email protected]


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