Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user brunofish

“Dear PoPville,

My single friends and I have been on the hunt for a bar where there’s the possibility of meeting someone for a while now, and have been failing miserably. I blame the apps (which I’m on) but I miss the bar scene pre-apps! From being on dating apps, I know there are supposedly plenty of single people in this city in my age range (early 30’s) hoping to meet someone, but do they not go out except for when they set up dates?! From our experience, the bars are essentially filled with couples/people on dates or groups of friends who are not looking to talk to anyone except who they came with. Are we just not going to the right places? Do any bars have a singles night? (If not, and any of them are reading this… can they start?) Any recs would be greatly appreciated!”


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