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“Overall, seems a reasonable policy. Good to see an effort at improved enforcement.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

Thanks to Mark for sending from VIDA Fitness:

“In a world where we are tethered to our phones, it is getting harder and harder to practice good mobile phone etiquette. Based on your feedback, we’ve recently updated our mobile phone policy signage. You’ve also asked us to take things a step further and increase our enforcement of these policies. We understand that you don’t want to hear another member’s conference call while you’re working hard on the elliptical, wait for a bench press while someone casually catches up on 400 emails and text messages, or wait for the dumbbells you need while their user scrolls through Instagram.

Please review the following policies while we work together to respect the enjoyment of VIDA for all members.

Gym Floor:

If you’re on the gym floor and get a call that just can’t wait, head over to the member’s lounge, Fuel Bar, or ask to use one of our offices if you need a little extra privacy. If you are resting in between sets and need to send a quick email or text, be conscious of other members waiting for equipment and offer to let them work in. If you want to work into another member’s set, go ahead and ask politely. And please, don’t be that person that leaves towels on three pieces of equipment and expects no one to enter a four-foot radius of said towels. Sharing is caring.

Locker Room:

Sorry for shouting, but we want to make this as clear as possible: ABSOLUTELY NO PHONE USE IN THE LOCKER ROOM! Your phone calls, emails, and texts can wait…and that endless Facebook feed isn’t going anywhere. No one wants to step over someone else while they use the locker room benches or vanities as their personal office space. Simply put the phone away and respect your fellow members who want some peace and privacy while they change.

Steam Room & Sauna:

Do yourself, your fellow members, and your electronics a favor and DO NOT bring them into the sauna or the steam room. These are places of relaxation, reflection, and separation from the outside world. We will let you know if we’re having a silent disco party in the steam room, so save your hottest playlist for your workout.

Thank you ALL for your understanding. Our team will approach and remind members of these policies to honor your requests for increased enforcement. Also, thank you for sharing your frustration and pushing us to send this email. We all need a friendly reminder to focus on the workout and leave the calls, texts, emails, and social media for later.”

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