Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

This cute little guy or gal seems to be new to the streets, so I think he or she may have escaped from home. I wanted to send a pic to see if anyone recognized him or her. Seen Saturday and Sunday evening around 10th and O St. NW. There’s a distinctive blue and silver paw print tag on the color, but kitty was too skittish to let me close enough to read it. I hope he or she finds a way home soon!”

“This little sweetie found her way to a hiding spot on our porch today. Corner of Gallatin and Illinois Ave NW. She’s cleaned up and fed now. But she looks pretty stressed out. She’s been whimpering and doesn’t want to be far from people. She’s now at the Humane Society on New York Ave. We’re pretty sure she’s a Bichon. She doesn’t have a chip and they think she’s about three years old, maybe younger. They say she looks very healthy.

If her owners don’t see her or pick her up, she’ll be ready for adoption in a few days. She’s very sweet. We hope she finds her family or a very loving new home soon.”


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