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From Jen, HillEast resident of 15 years:

“Around 730pm last night [Tuesday], Goldy the cockapoo was struck and killed by a car in the crosswalk at the intersection of Constitution and 12th St NE. The motorist was traveling East on Constitution through the four way stop intersection. Goldy’s human, a Capitol Hill resident, was on the other end of the leash in the crosswalk with Goldy when the car struck.

Dr. Antkowiak of AtlasVet heard shouts from his front stoop and ran down to the intersection with two friends. Goldy was on her side in critical shape. Dr. A got a quick history from the owner while starting CPR. Unfortunately, Goldy was too far gone for resuscitation and passed away within 60 seconds or less. The driver of the car did come back and gave Goldy’s human his information.

Dr. A transported the owner and Goldy’s body in his car to AtlasVet to discuss what would happen next. The police have been contacted and a report filed.

This follows another incident yesterday where a woman with an empty cat carrier on her way to AtlasVet was hit by a car a few blocks from H Street. The car hit her arm, sent the carrier flying, and the car sped away. She called the police when she got to AtlasVet. Thank goodness the carrier was empty and her arm was only bruised.

Please slow down and mind the traffic signs and signals when you drive through our Hill East neighborhoods. People live, work and play here. Even more tragic, we just had a young student put into the hospital by a hit and run at Payne elementary last week.”


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