Washington, DC

WPGC reported:

“Washingtonian Magazine recently released a line of T-shirts which say a “I’m Not A Tourist. I Live Here” across the chest. There was a major issue with their Instagram rollout, though. There wasn’t one single black subject in the series of photos.”

Tony Lewis Jr. website says:

“Tony Lewis Jr. is a community leader, work force development specialist, re-entry expert, and champion for children with incarcerated parents. Mr.Lewis has fought relentlessly over the past 16 years to uplift and empower men, women, and children impacted by mass incarceration. His work and advocacy has been featured on CNN, BET, Elite Daily, and in the Washington Post. He is the winner of many awards including the Steve Harvey/Ford Motor Company “Best Community Leader” award and the Presidential Call to Service award.”

Update from Washingtonian:


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