Washington, DC

From Busboys:

“Busboys and Poets invites the DC community to participate in a conversation about race and racial bias when they dine at any of our locations on Tuesday, May 29, 2018. Diners will be given prompt cards with phrases or questions to promote an open dialogue about how each person at their table has experienced or witnessed racial bias, how we can check our own biases, and how these behaviors impact those around us.

This conversation coincides with Starbucks closing its locations on Tuesday afternoon for racial bias education training. While we applaud this effort, we encourage the larger community to join us for coffee, identify their own biases, and reflect on how they engage with others to ultimately create a more tolerant and aware environment.

As our founder Andy Shallal explained when describing our staff training, “We train with the idea that we are in a racial society, that race matters in America today, and because of that, we don’t pretend like it’s invisible. We don’t pretend like it’s not there. We deal with it head-on.” If you’re interested in confronting these issues head-on, we invite you to join us!”


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