Washington, DC

After the Women’s March they got 970 cards!!

From Miriam’s Kitchen:

“Attending this Saturday’s March for Our Lives? Are you visiting Washington, D.C. from out of town? If you don’t want to keep your Metro SmartTrip card after your visit — don’t throw it away! Mail your card to Miriam’s Kitchen to help individuals experiencing homelessness. The cards cost $2 each (not including subway or bus fare) and can make a big difference for someone trying to get to a medical appointment, to a shelter, or to get a warm meal. It’s helpful to put a post-it note on the card indicating the fare balance.

Send directly to Miriam’s Kitchen:
Miriam’s Kitchen
Attn: Brenda Segal
2401 Virginia Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20037”


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