Washington, DC

Ed. Note: This oughta change our commuting poll results in 2020.

Thanks to Joan for sending from Foggy Bottom: “So this is new…”

Waybots on the app store says:

“Waybots is the new fun, fast and simple way to get around your city. Download the free app to rent portable electric scooters by the minute.

How it works:

Find a Waybot on the corner, scan it with the app, flip up the kickstand and go! Ride your electric powered Waybot on city bike paths and roadways. When you’re done, instantly end your trip by parking your Waybot on the sidewalk and completing the ride in the app. No docks or locking required.

At $1 to start and $0.15 per minute, using Waybots is cheaper than ride-sharing and less effort than bikes.

Waybots is currently available in Washington DC. We continue to update the app as we partner with cities across the country.”


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