New Red Pandas!! “Meet Nutmeg and her son, Jackie”

by Prince Of Petworth February 4, 2018 at 10:05 pm 0

Nutmeg and Jackie via Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Big news from the Zoo for Red Panda lovers:

“Just in time for Valentine’s Day, two animals that are red and white and beloved by everyone made their debut on Asia Trail! Meet Nutmeg and her son, Jackie, who came to the Zoo from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in December.

Get the scoop on the Zoo’s new red panda pair from animal keeper Mariel Lally.

At 8.5 months old, Jackie is a bit smaller than his 4-year-old mom, Nutmeg. While Nutmeg has a very light face and blonde hips, Jackie’s forehead is red. Beneath his eyes, he has dark red teardrop markings that are very pronounced.

Personality-wise, Jackie is playful and inquisitive; he will walk right up to keepers to check out what is going on. Nutmeg, on the other hand, is a bit more subdued and prefers to observe her surroundings from a distance. While she is friendly, all interactions with keepers take place on her terms.

They made their debut on Asia Trail last week and seem to enjoy exploring the red panda habitat. They spent the majority of their time climbing trees, following one another around the yard, and smelling where our 3-year-old female red panda, Asa, has been scent marking. Sometimes Nutmeg and Jackie will go their separate ways, but more often than not Nutmeg is leading the way. Sometimes, Jackie is so interested in an object in the yard that he will not notice mom is many paces ahead. Once he does, though, he will run after her and give her a nice big hug.”

Read more about Nutmeg and Jackie here.

Jackie via Smithsonian’s National Zoo


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