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Decatur Hawk 02 January 2018

Ed. Note: This has to be the same guy as yesterday. This particular footage is from only a block away from yesterday’s.

Thanks to Chris for sending:

“My family and I were sitting in the living room today enjoying Christmas/New Years ambiance and we saw a massive blur of motion on our porch. My wife looked out the window and saw a big hawk sitting on our porch planter.

I pulled up the Nest cam and discovered that he had chased a squirrel onto our porch. Here is a small video clip of the encounter. (spoiler alert – the squirrel gets away)

This is the 3rd time I’ve seen a hawk in Petworth hunting squirrels or rats. Happy to have them here.”

If you spot a hawk or any other bird of prey or any interesting wildlife around town, lunching or otherwise, and get a good photo please send in an email where you spotted it to [email protected] and I’ll add it to the queue. Hawks around Town is made possible by a generous grant from the Ben and Sylvia Gardner foundation.


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