Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

The District has installed seven traffic lights that emit a loud beeping signal at the intersection of Irving St NW and Hobart Pl NW, at the edge of Wangari Gardens and a few feet from the gate to the Washington Hospital Center. It’s a quiet corner of a quiet neighborhood, and many days and nights I can hear the beeping from my house half a mile away. I imagine dozens of households closer to the intersection are even more disturbed by this racket.

I am sympathetic and concerned for the safety of my visually impaired neighbors, but I wonder if there’s any way I can get DPW to mitigate this 24-hour cacophony. [Ed. Note: I believe this is DDOT and not DPW] Few pedestrians use that intersection, and I wonder whether one visually impaired person crosses it in a week (I have no idea). Did DPW or another responsible agency study the matter before the installation? Can they turn down the volume so it’s audible only to a few feet away?

Has anyone had any experience with this issue?”


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