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From the Columbia Heights listserv:

“I have been shopping for years at various MOM’s markets and find their wide selection and reasonable pricing to be unparalleled in providing organic foods for their respective communities. I have spoken with managerial personnel at their stores about the possibility of MOM’s opening a market in Columbia Heights. They suggested that we communicate our interest in having our own MOM’s market directly to the owner of the markets, Scott . I specifically asked if the owner might object to many individuals sending personal e-mails and was assured that, on the contrary, Scott would welcome such communications/requests. So, if you’d like to chime-in on this subject, send your thoughts to [email protected]

Just to add, MOM’s markets have an excellent selection of organic bulk foods but at prices far lower that those of comparable markets. They also function as what I would call a full-service market but with added features like Naked Lunch, their healthy, customized eat-in buffet.

Here’s hoping that this grass-roots effort will result in a community asset certain to enhance our quality of living in Columbia Heights.”

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Wishing them greater success than the last time:


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