Washington, DC

From an email:

“The artists at the newly-opened KLAGSBRUN STUDIOS in Georgetown are going a step further in celebration of the season of light!

RADIANT RAINBOW RACER , a 20 foot-tall animated light sculpture has been installed at 1662 33rd Street and is delighting passers-by every night this month and into January. Although not included on the list of 9 official Georgetown GLOW sculptures, the artists of the Tuesday Night Group decided to create a sculpture that expresses the joy of drawing the human figure, something that they have done every Tuesday night for 33 years.

Johnny Dukovich of GreenMoonArt , a longtime member of the Tuesday Night Group, and the only one with any experience in light sculpture, created the figure which seems to draw itself as it emerges line by line from the darkness, and then explodes in a full rainbow of colors.

And to take this dynamic gesture to community yet a step further, Dukovich is installing a “beacon“, which, along with a small-scale model that can be touched, will allow the visually impaired to locate and enjoy the sculpture also. Dukovich says:

“We will be using Foresight Augmented Reality (FAR) beacons to assist visually-impaired people in finding our outdoor light sculpture. The beacon sends out a signal that people can find if they use the free smartphone app, which is called FAR Vision. Links to the iPhone and Android apps can be found here: https://foresightar.com

The app not only allows people to find the piece, but can provide a description of the piece. For people who need larger type, the app can provide customizable font sizes. For others who prefer an audible description, the app can read it to them.

We hope that this technology will help more people enjoy our work, which so far has brought smiles to many faces.”


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