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UPDATE 3:27pm:

I was just at the corner of Georgia Ave. and Kennedy and spoke to the building’s property manager, who told me that a licensed structural engineer looked at the wall in the basement of the Lucky Corner building today. The structural engineer determined it’s not a danger to the public.

The structural engineer’s report will be completed tomorrow and it’s expected that the Lucky Corner store will be cleared to open.

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From ANC 4D01 Commissioner Nancy Roth:

“The Dept. of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs has condemned the building that houses the Lucky Corner convenience store (5433 Georgia Ave. on the corner of Georgia and Kennedy St. NW).

The MPD and agency inspectors were in there examining the premises today, and discovered a collapsing wall in the basement that was letting soil through onto the interior floor. The building was declared unsafe for the public and promptly closed. A structural engineer will need to inspect the site and the needed repairs, must be completed before the building can reopen. That will take some time, and I suspect the proprietors of Lucky Corner will have to move their business somewhere else.

Coincidentally, this morning I attended the Roll Call Hearing for the ANC 4D challenge of the Lucky Corner liquor license renewal. I had been gearing up for the next stages in the process when the call came in from Commander Manlapaz that the store had been closed.

Many thanks to all who wrote in, called, and opened your doors to talk to me, so I could learn what you wanted me to do about this troubled place in the neighborhood.

I’m hoping that corner will get less scary for our pedestrians and bus passengers, now that liquor is no longer available from 7 am through midnight every day of the week.But I will continue to walk by there daily, though I also count on you to keep me informed of your experiences there, good and bad!

I also urge you, if you see more alarming incidents, there or elsewhere, to please call 911! When a lot of complaints are complied about a particular place, we have a better chance of getting something done about them. In the case of Lucky Corner, I’m told DCRA was already concerned about the structure of that building, but they also had violated the regulations on cigarette sales, which is probably what instigated today’s inspection.”


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