Washington, DC

Thanks to Jack for sending: “there’s a bike lane in there, somewhere. This is Klingle Road, west of Adams Mill Road, going down into Rock Creek Park.”

From DPW:

“Dear District Residents,

2017/2018 Leaf Collection Schedule Update: Unfortunately, our collection crews are behind schedule in some areas of the city, which has been exacerbated by recent winter weather events. Leaf collection crews are the backbone of our city’s snow program. When snow is predicted, our trucks’ leaf collection equipment is replaced with snow plows and salt spreaders, and our crews receive snow and ice removal assignments. After a storm clears, leaf crews resume collections across the District–there may be delays, but neighborhoods are never skipped. We thank you for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience. Assuming the current weather forecast holds, we expect to be back on schedule by the end of this week.

Should you have questions about the collection schedule in your neighborhood, please contact our customer service specialist Hope Cousin directly at [email protected]


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