Washington, DC

5th and Shepard Street, NW. Photo by Jim

Jim reports:

“There was a fire early this morning on the top floor of the Bless 7 to 10 Market at the corner of 5th and Shepherd Street in Petworth. DC Fire responded quickly and put out the flames.”

DCFD reported around 7:45am:

“Investigators on scene working to determine cause of Shepard St Fire.

Update 5th & Shepard St NW. Had fire 2nd floor 2 story corner structure with store 1st floor and residential above. Fire under control. No injuries. Request @RedCrossNCR for 5 displaced citizens.

Today’s fire on Shepherd St was accidental and caused by unattended candle.

NEVER leave candles unattended. Always extinguish them prior to leaving a room. Keep them 12 inches from anything that can burn.

DC FEMS reports that all Fire Department activities has ended in the 400 block of Shepherd Street NW. All road closures are now open.”

Photo by DC Fire and EMS

Photo by DC Fire and EMS


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