Washington, DC

1130 Connecticut Ave, NW

Thanks to Beth for sending:

“I just came across a new bakery on Connecticut Ave near Farragut (1130 Connecticut Ave., NW). They mostly sell pies and cakes, whole and by the slice, but there were also some other baked goods (brownies, blondies, macaroons, cupcakes). The piece of sweet potato pie I got was excellent.”

Danielle’s Desserts website says:

“Danielle’s Desserts celebrates the art of American Southern-style homemade baking.

57+ flavors of Southern-style desserts

Danielle’s Desserts celebrates the art of American Southern-style homemade baking. The cafe showcases 57+ flavors of cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies, and bars. Our old-style, decadent desserts will transport you to a time when all desserts were made from scratch, using the finest ingredients, with no preservatives, and using local producers (when possible). That’s why our brand promise is to allow customers to “indulge in the taste”.

Danielle Poux founded Danielle’s Desserts in April 2010 in McLean Virginia. After a successful career as a human resources executive, a baker throughout most of her life, Danielle left her corporate suits behind to wear a baker’s apron full-time. In November 2017, Danielle’s Desserts opened its second shop in the business district in Washington, DC. Each of the recipes used at Danielle’s Desserts is her own, and has been extensively taste-tested. Menu items include mouth-watering cakes, pies, cookies, cupcakes, and other specialty desserts. We also offer gluten-free desserts .

The dessert café provides guests with a warm and inviting atmosphere to indulge in the taste. We offer pre-ordering and desserts to go. Direct-trade Counter Culture coffee is our preferred brand, as well as TeaFuse loose-leaf tea. Other non-alcoholic beverages are offered.”


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