Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

Many readers probably know that the cross walk on R st NW and Florida is already not great to begin with — Florida is a busy street and the left turning cars get confused by the diagonal intersection. There’s only one crosswalk instead of two to cross on R, and the pedestrian light only turns to walk if you push the button. If you don’t push the button, the walk sign never comes on, and the green traffic light stays on for only about half the time it would otherwise, so there’s not enough time to cross the street.

About a week ago or so, the crosswalk button got stuck in the “on” position, and now it doesn’t seem to be triggering the walk signal at all. So it’s now impossible to get a crosswalk light to cross Florida. I’ve been running across when the R St traffic light turns green, but only get about halfway across the street by the time it turns yellow.

I wrote to 311 and haven’t heard back. I hope you can bring attention to this dangerous traffic situation!


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