“$110 per move is also not cheap for a system that has failed me.”

“Dear PoPville,

I moved back in April and again this past weekend (far too many moves for any 1 person). Both times I reserved parking, paying the $55.00 at each location fee to do so. Inevitably, someone is parking in the spot during the assigned time, which prevented me from moving the U-Haul into the correct spot. As frustrating as this was, I became even more frustrated when both in April and again this weekend, DPW Parking Enforcement was both rude to me and did nothing. The staffers at Parking Enforcement first require you to call 72 hours before your move to have someone come out and confirm the signs have been put up. In April, I called and they never sent anyone out. So, when I called on the day of the move, they told me I hadn’t had the signs verified so they couldn’t tow the vehicle.

This time on move day, I called 5 times over the course of a 12 hour period (I had the signs for 24 hours, so I could get things packed up the night before). They kept telling me they were sending someone out to ticket and then I would need to call back to have them towed. No one came even to ticket. I also was told to email a picture of my signs, but got no response to that.

I didn’t want to get my neighbors towed, but I also didn’t want to block traffic with my U-Haul. $110 per move is also not cheap for a system that has failed me.

Not normally one to complain about city services, but this is driving me crazy.”

Ed. Note: Wait a minute

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