Washington, DC

“Please help Nacho”

A friend of the family passes on from GoFundMe:

“My Mom’s 6-year old Pomapoo Nacho needs fusion surgery for his right ankle. He was injured somehow while at doggy daycare – probably just a freak accident. He is my Mom’s most constant companion since my Dad died two years ago and has cured her loneliness. Nacho and Mom love taking long walks together, but haven’t been able to since this happened in late July. It’s taken so much time and money just to figure out what is wrong and what can be done and Mom is just trying to get by. She’s used credit cards and everything because she can’t give up on him.

The veterinary orthopedist says that the only thing that could be done to restore Nacho’s (and Mom’s) quality of life was to fuse the joint in his ankle. But this was very expensive surgery, and my Mom lives on a limited fixed income now. The surgery alone (not counting all the rehab, cast changes, etc). is close to 4-5K$. Nacho’s activity will be severely restricted for months, and the aftercare will be expensive, too, involving followup, xrays, etc.) The prognosis is good, but the recovery will take at least four months.

Any contribution you can make will go a long way towards helping my Mom and Nacho get through this difficult time. Thank you so much for anything you can do.”


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