Washington, DC

12th and Jackson Street, NE

“Dear PoPville,

Just wondering if anyone has any details on the incident that took place around 9:30pm at the intersection of 12th and Jackson Streets NE, in Brookland. What sounded like a transformer explosion was followed by a loss of power, and then a heavy police presence. They appeared to be patrolling by car, motorcycle and helicopter. This may have simply been a response to people being on edge, and the combination of any type of explosion with children out trick or treating. I assumed as much, but was later told by people in the area that there had actually been a shooting preceding the power outage. A random shooting at a busy intersection while children were out trick or treating would be a disturbing thing, so I am curious what the truth of the matter is.”

A reader sent me word just before 10pm last night that 10-12 shots were fired with at least one hitting a transformer. On the Brookland listserv there multiple reports of those who lost power. Updates if/when more is known.

Update from MPD:

“After the malfunctioning of a transformer within the 5th District yesterday evening, several calls were placed from citizens stating they heard multiple gun shots within the district. The PSA encompassing Brookland was one of the PSAs receiving such calls. The area was canvassed during the evening and the following day shift for shell casings, property damage and or injuries. Nothing was found to suggest there was a shooting.”


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