Washington, DC

Thanks to Cole for sending the latest on Republic Cantina’s efforts to open up a, gasp, Tex-Mex restaurant in Truxton Circle. The original liquor license application says, you may want to take a seat before reading this:

“New Restaurant, serving tacos and other Tex-Mex food. Total Occupancy Load is 100, with seating for 60. Requesting a Sidewalk Café with 40 seats and Summer Garden with 10 seats, along with an Entertainment Endorsement.”

Now we all know what Tex-Mex has done to other parts of town…

UPDATE: Another flyer going around:

Let us remember that Rustik (RIP) and Big Bear (not to mention Brookland’s Finest across town) prevailed in their liquor license fights and we all know what a disaster they turned out to be. Oh wait. They became/continued to be pillars of the community and quite often delicious.

57 N Street, NW


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