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by Prince Of Petworth January 29, 2020 at 4:00 pm 0

57 N Street, NW

From Republic Cantina:

“Just a quick note about Republic Cantina’s brand new late series we’re rolling out which we’re calling OUTLAW HOUR. Each Fri & Sat night (9p-midnight) we’ll be spinning old classic country records on a turntable, with an interactive element: guests will be able to select a record; when that record plays, your table gets 1/2 off Pico Back shots. We’ll also introduce a late-night Happy Hour, and will be projecting some classic country performances (kicking off this weekend w/ Heartworn Highways). The late night HH will run every night (though the music component will be reserved for Fri & Sat nights). (more…)

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57 N Street, NW from September

From Republic Kolache:

“We’re super excited to announce we’re (finally) opening a brick & mortar storefront. And this goes way deeper than just kolaches.

Meet Republic Cantina, a full-service Tex-Mex restaurant (launching Summer 2018) and specializing in all the Tex-Mex classics done right for the first time in DC! (+ some creative spins as well)

We’ve signed a lease in a beautiful historic building in DC’s Truxton Circle neighborhood, where we will turn out sizzlin’ brisket fajitas, light, fluffy housemade flour tortillas, supple, cheesy enchiladas, puffy tacos, honey-drizzled sopapillas, frozen margaritas & more, all the long day. (more…)

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Thanks to Cole for sending the latest on Republic Cantina’s efforts to open up a, gasp, Tex-Mex restaurant in Truxton Circle. The original liquor license application says, you may want to take a seat before reading this:

“New Restaurant, serving tacos and other Tex-Mex food. Total Occupancy Load is 100, with seating for 60. Requesting a Sidewalk Café with 40 seats and Summer Garden with 10 seats, along with an Entertainment Endorsement.”

Now we all know what Tex-Mex has done to other parts of town…

UPDATE: Another flyer going around:

Let us remember that Rustik (RIP) and Big Bear (not to mention Brookland’s Finest across town) prevailed in their liquor license fights and we all know what a disaster they turned out to be. Oh wait. They became/continued to be pillars of the community and quite often delicious.

57 N Street, NW

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57 N Street, NW

“I am Bradley A. Thomas, Chair of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5E and the Commissioner who represents Single Member District 5E, the SMD which includes the unit block of N Street, NW, where the proposed new restaurant, Republic Cantina, seeks to open. For the past four days, I have been reading e-mail messages and comments on the Prince of Petworth blog [Ed. Note: To clear up any misunderstandings, since 2013 this website has been called PoPville as illustrated in the logo and URL.] regarding ANC5E’s protest of the application for a Class C liquor license recently filed by the proprietor of the prospective new restaurant. The comments I have read, in general, reflect a misunderstanding of both the process of an Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) protest and the factual background pertinent to this particular application. In the course of my responsibilities as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, I don’t usually respond to blogs but in this case, since many of the comments have cast my colleagues on the Commission in what I believe is an unfairly harsh and demeaning light, I felt compelled to do so at this time. (more…)

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57 N Street, NW

This is the former Brass Knob Warehouse space and the future Chapman Stables condos.

The liquor license placard for Republic Cantina says:

“New Restaurant, serving tacos and other Tex-Mex food. Total Occupancy Load is 100, with seating for 60. Requesting a Sidewalk Café with 40 seats and Summer Garden with 10 seats, along with an Entertainment Endorsement.”


Ed. Note: Of course simply typing cantina has me weeping again for Cantina Marina. But such is life. The gods giveth and they taketh away.

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Thanks to all who passed on from Republic Kolache:

“Some bittersweet news today folks: after 5 very gratifying years, Republic Kolache will be closing up shop early next month.

From the first popups at American Ice in Aug 2015, to a wholesale business that placed kolaches on the shelves of Whole Foods & many local coffee shops, to the opening of our sister brick & mortar Republic Cantina — we’ve truly had a good run.

The rationale here is what you’d probably guess: the pandemic has caused a massive drop in our sales (namely on the wholesale side, which represented ~90% of our production). With many of our cafe & grocery customers closed, continuing operations is unfortunately just no longer sustainable. (more…)


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