Washington, DC

“Spotted through the window in the back corner of the Au Bon Pain at 6th and D NW.” thanks to Adam

And so concludes ‘Where’d You Find A Dockless Bike Today?’ Bless you all. And of course thanks to the Ben and Sylvia Gardner foundation for making it all possible.

“Guy selling limebike on LetGo app…” thanks to Brittany

“5th and O St, NW” thanks to Anne

Lots, and I mean lots, more after the jump.

“Near E & 19th St NE” thanks to Chris

“Spotted in the stairwell of the Franklin apartment building in Brookland.” thanks to jerrica

“Spotted this Ofo bike hidden on the stairs st Cardozo High above the NW corner of 11th and Florida” thanks to Matt

“Found at garbage heap in the underpass at 2nd and D NW” thanks to Jennifer

“Not sure where the bike went, but found this dockless bike lock at 12th & I St NE”, thanks to Bill

“Spotted on K St NE. Looked like there was clothing in the basket too but no sign of anyone around.” thanks to Rachel

Trinidad, thanks to John

“Found these in South Arlington.” thanks to James

“Seatless at Turkey Thicket Rec Center” thanks to Lucas

“This was on the top floor (5th) of the Gale apartment building in Eckington” thanks to Denis

“Dockless bike in underground garage at Giant o street market” thanks to Kristen

“One of two hidden in the bushes behind the tennis courts in Garfield Park” thanks to Claudia

“Seen late night Saturday right outside ft. Totten metrostation” thanks to Arthur

“I thought they were supposed to only be in DC? I keep seeing them in Arlington. These two were behind temporary fencing by the Iwo Jima memorial.” thanks to Shiela

“Outside of the Soviet Safeway” thanks to Ken

“Dockless outside of Shaw Giant” thanks to Josh

“The upside down one was on G Street in front of the National Portrait Gallery” thanks to Danielle

“I feel like this might be malicious now. Bush bike in West End last night.” thanks to Trevor

“In the The Brighton on the Wharf (while construction went on in the other half!).” thanks to Alicia

“Spotted on the X2 at 14th and H NE, westbound. Note the GPS/immobilizer has been broken off.” thanks to Mike

“Spotted at NoMa metro platform” thanks to Jackie

“well into the woods of Rock Creek” thanks to Emily

“In my parking garage, with a “Warning: improperly parked” sticker on the back” Thanks to Catherine

“Spotted this one in Hill East on Saturday morning in the alley off Ives Place SE & 15th Street SE.” thanks to Kathleen

“L St NE” thanks to KD

“Spotted this poor guy in Georgetown this morning. Someone doesn’t know how the whole dockless bike thing works.” thanks to Kevin

“in the C&O canal tonight in Georgetown” thanks to Abram

“Capital Crescent Trail” thanks to Dan

“Another one sighted at M St near Key Bridge overpass” thanks to Chris

“1400 block of R Street NW” thanks to Annie

“…nestled between a dumpster and a fence behind the Windows Café & Market in Bloomingdale.” thanks to Nadim

“Spotted inside the big DC USA building in Columbia heights” thanks to Kacie


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