Washington, DC

From an email:

“The DC Art Book Collective is thrilled to announce that the 2nd annual DC Art Book Fair is taking place this year on November 5th, 2017 from 12noon until 5pm. This year’s event will be held at the National Museum of Women in the Arts at 1250 New York Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. And yes, the event is on Facebook!

The DC Art Book Fair is a curated event that brings together artists, small presses, and collectives from DC and beyond to sell their independently published (largely paper-based) works. These artists deal in works from zines to books, from comics to prints and plenty in between (including some non-paper goods and accessories.)

The fair will feature 50 artists/collectives/small presses, including Pellinore Press, East City Art, Shortt Editions: Paul Short, Dayanita Ramesh, Carmen Johns, Jamila Zahra Felton, Leda Black, Bodies Adapt and Marlena Chertock, Washington Project for the Arts, Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, TEN 09, Lenora Yerkes/I’m Sorry Press, Mayya Agapova, Katana Lippart and many, many more. For a list of all the applicants, see the event’s Facebook page.

The DC Art Book Collective made an active choice to have a diverse group of artists tabling, and was pleased to present a number of tablers with a scholarship for this year’s fair — an opportunity to show at the fair fee-free. The Collective believes that artists from all backgrounds should be able to show at such a fair.

This year’s fair coincides with NMWA’s Free Community Day for November, which means that all entry fees to the museum are waived. Entry to the Art Book Fair is also free.”


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