Washington, DC

Thanks to Justin for sending this magnificent listing from the one and only Tom Faison via MRIS:

“Five black Suburbans in an urban fairy-tail, Georgetown abandoned by an upscale cabinet, well-healed, found roaming the softer side of the Capitol Dome. Iconic Hill Compound, enclave courtyard, guest quarters, fabled to be stables, Secret Service roost, egos to boost, heads of state visit, members pivot, nothing complicit in private meals, cutting deals, pay for plays stay, right price, overnight.”

In the words of the great Daniel Pinkwater has Faison finally popped his cork, flipped his wig, blown his stack, dropped his stopper, gushed his mush, lost his marbles, and slipped his hawser?

I guess when the photos are this good you could write the description in German and it wouldn’t matter.

More jaw dropping photos here.

For the curious, the 6 bed/3 full bath/2 half baths at 131 11th Street, SE is going for $2,295,000.


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