“Finally! Sushi in Columbia Heights! At “The Heights” (of all places!)”

by Prince Of Petworth September 18, 2017 at 3:15 pm 0

3115 14th Street, NW

Victoria reports:

“I was lamenting last week about The Heights becoming a sports bar – but now have some great updates. Most spectacularly – they now offer sushi! With a real (as far as I could tell – he came out to thank me last night for ordering it) Japanese sushi chef. I just had one roll, but it was really good. This is the one thing we’ve been longing for in Columbia Heights, and probably enough for me to put up with all the football screens.

Also, the bar will not be totally gone. It will be smaller to make room for the self-serve beer taps, but still at least there. For the self-serve beer taps, you will buy a card – like at Kinkos – and do some computer-thingy voodoo taps to count your pours. The idea is that you can taste a few ounces of various brews.

Whatever – I’m just excited that we finally have sushi!”


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