Washington, DC

From the “53 shots fired” September 14th

Ben reported around 6:30pm Wednesday:

“10 or so shots fired on the 400 block of N St., right where the 52 shots were two weeks ago. Cops on the scene.”

Ed. Note: I asked Ben this morning if there was confirmation about the shots fired and he replied:

“Police said it was. Brought about 8 cars, spotlights, etc..”

Another resident reported:

“I think I heard _____ and _____ say they heard a total of 12 shots (7 in a row then 5). Also, a car in front of _____’s house had a bunch of bullet holes in it. Based on the placement of the shell casings, it looks like the person was likely running down the sidewalk on our side of the street, either purposefully shooting the car or having pretty bad aim if trying to shoot across the street.”


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