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UPDATE from the Cleveland Park listserv:

“I’m delighted to share that AMC’s Director of Corporate Communications, Ryan Noonan, has announced the following:

In response to community feedback, AMC will maintain the Uptown signage, with an upgrade to LED lighting for better energy efficiency and to ensure the sign remains in good working order. We continue to evaluate additional exterior signage plans, including the addition of the AMC brand on the theatre. We appreciate the passion and feedback from the community, and look forward to serving moviegoers at AMC Uptown 1 for years to come.

I will share any additional information as it becomes available.

Thank you,
Emma Hersh
ANC 3C05″

So let’s say your neighborhood loses two of its most popular restaurants, what could possibly be worse than that? C’mon down AMC Theatres!!!!! JFC. Thanks to all who messaged.

The Cleveland Park listeserv reports:

“The ANC and CPHS (Cleveland Park Historical Society) are coordinating on this matter and we will reach out to the District’s Historic Preservation Office first thing on Monday.

We’ll send an update as soon as one becomes available and will advise folks on what you can do to support next steps to preserve this historic signage.

Emma Hersh
ANC 3C05″


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