Washington, DC

13. You remember when the soul on 14th didn’t come from the cycle.
12. Your license plate is all numbers or at the very least the A series.
11. You miss ____________.
10. The street parking spot in front of your house is most definitely yours and God help the bastard who parks there.
9. You remember when Metro was the shining jewel of WMATA. Seriously.
8. You remember when most folks said hello/acknowledged one another when passing in the street.
7. You have pride.
6. You knew exactly where to tell the cab to stop before you got charged another zone.
5. You know the difference between gunshots and fireworks as well as a police helicopter and a medical helicopter.
4. You remember when the biking community was represented not by erudite urban planners but by drunken stoned colorful bike messengers.
3. You remember the origami magic folks mastered in order to read the newspaper on metro without bothering their seatmate.
2. You remember when the mayor for life was mayor.
1. You can still feel RFK shaking.


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