Whoa – Eckington Just Got Some Delicious Looking Sandwiches

by Prince Of Petworth June 12, 2017 at 11:15 am 25 Comments

Wait a second, how am I only hearing about Yang Market [138 U St NE] now?!?!? Well better late than never cause this sandwich looks freaking amazing.

“Sammys the size of your head are coming to @yangmarketne & they are insanely delish.”

Someone please report back on if they are as delicious as they look!!

Yang Market mural in progress at 138 U St, NE by @crubens01 via Facebook

  • Sloganberry

    Yang Market was bought by new owners last fall (so the new owner told me Sunday) and it’s undergoing a transformation. It was really just a corner store previously, no prepared food. Excited to try the sandwiches, and love the Eckington mural with the dinosaur outside!

  • houseintherear

    Umm those two kids in suits on the bikes? So stinkin cute.

    • dcgator


  • TriniSoFlo

    need this in my belly NOW. Good lord, what a beautiful looking sandwich

  • MadMax

    They were at the Taste of North Capitol event I went to and were one of the few vendors there who actually made a decent effort. The sandwich was pretty good but nothing extraordinary, however if it’s priced similar to a cheap eats place like A. Litteri / Mangialardo’s then it should do well.

  • Mahli Park

    This would be gentrification at it’s finest. Family owned shop bought out my new white folks in the neighborhood-I guess that’s what they mean by keeping the dream alive. I got nervous about this spot as soon as I saw the signs that said, ‘Now selling Kombucha and craft beer.’

    Yang, is a family surname, not a catchy hashtag (#yanglife) for people who aren’t even Korean to claim.
    My ‘yanglife’ is my mom making kimchi, working hard as an immigrant trying to survive, and raising us with respect for others culture. Maybe the tag should be #gentrificationlife.

    • MadMax

      “Family owned shop bought out my new white folks in the neighborhood”
      White people have families, too.

      • Mahli Park

        Agreed! Do you know when the name is changing to Smith Market? So we can start showing our #smithlife?

    • Rasputin

      And that family got paid handsomely I assume to go on and do other things. Don’t act like business deals are one-way.
      I think it’s nice they’re keeping the original name. Not everything has to be a race war.

    • Joshua

      You say it like it’s something new. Look at the dozens upon dozens of corner stores and liquor stores that are currently owned by immigrant families, quite often Korean, but retain the names of the previous owners.

    • bloomin onion

      The family that sold had a long standing and good relationship with the new owners, who also live in the neighborhood. The Yang name was kept at the request of the former owners who wanted to see the business live on. In this case, ensuring that the business was kept around with the Yang name is exactly what it means to keep the dream alive.

      • Anon X


        its seems to better to spout off a bunch of divisive hate than provide a factual and informative statement.

      • H_E_Pennypacker

        this is a serious dose of cold hard facts!

      • Bort


    • _____Woods

      get off your high horse…yeesh its just a freaking place to get a sandwhich. get over yourself

    • textdoc

      I had to LOL on reading “I got nervous about this spot as soon as I saw the signs that said, ‘Now selling Kombucha and craft beer’ — that does sound pretty stereotypically gentrifier-ish!

    • H_E_Pennypacker

      Don’t engage him Mahli Park. There’s no point. He posts about 20 times a day doing this kind of stuff.

    • tired

      i’m white, my parents escaped poland and the ukraine during the war, and i make kimchi. open your mind – be freaking human or learn to (which we all got to do)

    • Eckingtoned

      If you actually took the time to visit the market and talk to Lyndsi and Dan, you’d actually know things instead of just sh**posting here. Things like:

      * The Yangs (Ma and Pa) asked them to keep the name as part of the sale, and sold because the wanted to reture;

      * That they have an Instagram (@yangmarketne) showing the fun mix of longtime and new residents who shop there regularly;

      * That they are actively involved with the ECA, and engage the on behalf of community quite regularly;

      * That they are constantly adapting their products for the neighborhood and its residents.

      But please, continue. I’m sure you have many insightful things to say about my wonderful neighborhood.

      • Eckingtoned

        Please excuse my horrific typos…made an account just to respond and it shows…

  • APRO

    Shot-out to the kids riding bikes in suits! #boss

    • Hill Denizen

      YES! Those kids are infinitely cooler than I am.

  • Abby

    Super excited that somewhere close to me has good beer and ice cream sandwiches. My summer is set. Hopefully some of the sandwiches will be good vegetarian options (not another caprese please!)

  • FabiaD

    Step aside haters, that sandwich looks amazing! Seriously, If gentrification means I can finally get something decent to eat in this neighborhood, sign me up. People need to calm there PC-selves down and appreciate the fact that the new Yang Market owners are doing something that will improve the neighborhood.

  • Pamela Joyce Wright

    I have been thinking about the different posts written about Yang market and love how bibrant this community is. Eckington is involved, alive and committed to its growth with a vitality that shows what is best about America. All the different voices come together. Everyone is heard. I know Pete and Lindsay personally and admire their ethics, not only in work but in their moral fiber. And at the heart of it is their love and hope to realize their dream of creating a little haven of heaven on a corner of Washington, D.C. I wish them great success and will definitely be trying their incredible food and drinks!


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