• anon

    meh. its nothing special. stopped by a couple weeks ago on a saturday night. they had one bar tender and it took a while to get in there and get bottled beers. we left and went to satellite room. also, they refer to corona on the menu as coming from “south of the wall”. I get its an attempt at humor…I just don’t find it funny.

    • Neighbor

      Hah. I have a similar story. We went to check it out recently on a Saturday night around 8:30 — it was packed inside and outside. The folks there were all smiles and seemed to be loving it, for us though, it had a meat market vibe so we left and got a table at Satellite Room. Another turn off was the bathroom line — it was about 10 people deep and snaked so far back it was blocking the entrance. We’ll prob try again, but on a weeknight.

      • RG

        Long bathroom line tells me they are beyond capacity for the fire code both inside and out. Note to city officials and Fire Marshall – check this place out and place same restrictions you placed on Dacha for capacity. If Dacha has to abide by capacity rules, so does their competition. There is already enough public urination in that neighborhood due to over-crowding at Anerican Ice. City codes will be enforced.

    • Bobert

      From what I recall, the owners are staunch Trump supporters, so there’s that…

      • Bigtimebarguy

        Wrote a comment below, but saw this when I finished. Owner’s not a Trump supporter. Just ask next time.

        • Bobert

          “Just ask next time.”
          Then why was he FB posting all sorts of things that seemed to show support of Trump around the election?

      • anon

        huh. didnt know that. i find it even less funny now!

        • Anonymous

          You still don’t know that, btw. Some guy on the internet who thinks he recalls hearing something is not really a reliable source of information.

  • Will pass

    As a dog owner, I was really excited when I heard about this bar. I went once and it was nothing special at all, but I was excited that there would be an expanded space to bring my dog. Then I found out the owner is a serious Trump supporter. I wish more people knew that. I will not be going back.

    • Bigtimebarguy

      I’ll have to correct you on the Trump supporter comment, it’s untrue. I was in town for a business trip and had the pleasure of meeting 1 of the owners a few weeks ago, while hanging with some local friends. I brought up the rumors about Trump, and being a victim of ignorant reporting with my own business, wished to hear their side of the story. He kept it short and simple saying that it simply wasn’t true. They tend to stay out of politics and definitely stay away from mixing it with business, which I completely advocate. Just a word of advice to all those out there who choose to have such strong opinions; do the world a favor and do your own research. Don’t always believe the media. Just as a rat or cockroach will dig there way through anything to get a bite to eat, these reporter’s and media outlets will make up anything to get a few views. We had a blast there and the vibe is great. Def check out the burgers from the guy in the back. Love that they don’t use dirt cheap alcohol for their wells and their prices are right on par with the hood AND you can’t beat free pretzels. Will def be stopping by when I’m back in town next week.

      • anon&confused

        “Don’t always believe the media…”

        Uhhh the stuff about being a Trump supporter was coming from owner’s Facebook page, not CNN…

        Also cool how you are not from DC but keep an eye on the local blogs to defend a business you’re not at all affiliated with…

        • anon&confused

          Hey PoP,

          Please delete this. I don’t need to be such a grump on such a beautiful day.

        • Bigtimebarguy

          Guess you’ve never heard of Twitter feeds… No worries, have a great weekend

          • northeazy

            Dude, I am a huge Trump supporter and even I do not believe you. You are obviously affiliated with the business.

  • kd21

    Went there once, and due to the acoustics it was obnoxiously loud. Found the beer to be overpriced by a buck or two, but the free pretzels at the end of the bar are a nice touch. Have been meaning to come back to see if the crowds died down or if it’s got a better vibe in the afternoon, but I haven’t made it a priority.

  • JS

    Word is that once the bricks are down, they’ll start allowing dogs in that front area.

    It’s a good weekday spot, and the burgers on the patio are pretty great, but gets way too busy on weekends for me to bother with it.

  • TriangleGirl

    The burgers are fantastic. I’ve been a couple times now and I like it a lot. My main complaint is the lack of dogs (I showed up with my dog the first time because all the buzz had been about how dog friendly they would be), but they are working on getting the permitting for the front patio (or may have already gotten it) that will let them allow dogs out there.

  • hiphop anonymous

    The choice of having a bunch of Appalachian Brewing Co. beers baffles me. Mediocre beers from a mediocre brewery in PA. Much better local options.

  • flieswithhoney

    I won’t patronize this place until it figures out not to have trash bags spilling out of it’s dumpsters on a regular basis. There’s a ribbon of dried crud from the dumpsters to the street. I suppose I should be happy that they at least got dumpsters instead of piling up trash.

  • textdoc

    Do they have to pay extra or get a variance or something for putting down something impermeable on what was formerly a permeable surface?

    • Squire of the Squangle

      I think an unmortared brick paver surface is considered to be permeable.

  • Joshua

    I can’t complain too hard if this place serves to keep the Trump supporters out of the bars that I actually go to.

    • Dutch


  • seanzypoo

    wow – everyone else is hating – i went here on a wednesday night before the pixies show at lincoln theater. I liked it a lot – the venue itself is really nice – the back patio is nice, the inside feels like outside – it wasn’t crowded that night though – that could make a big difference. There is no food – the guy grilling burgers is a separate business… the burgers are good but cost like $13. I didn’t know about the trumper owner. That sucks. But an evil corporation probably owns everything I patronize… that’s why i grow my own weed

  • ano

    I went there on a Saturday and the lack of diversity turn me off. However, I couldn’t figure out if it had to do with whoever was playing at the 9:30 Club that night. For those that have been there before, is that how it usually is?

  • 7thStTechGuy

    Call me crazy…Ive had a great time every time I have been there. If the owners are Republicans, who cares? Burgers are great and the dude that runs the stand is a nice guy.

  • _____Woods

    friend tried to have a birthday part here on a saturday night and it was one in one out…def had a meat market vibe that night as well as another poster had mentioned. I had no desire to enter into a jam packed bar just for beer. We went to the place right next door, which didn’t have that classic DC blog buzz….sat out on the porch and had several tables to ourselves.

  • Squire of the Squangle

    If we’re here a year from now speculating about whether or not they’d still be in business if they just hadn’t chosen that dumb gross name, I won’t be shocked.

  • Nope

    There is a “burger guy?” You’d never know from the size 9999 font on the front of the building “drinks & drinks.” Everytime I walk past that place I feel like I’m walking past a shitty frat house during rush. As for the owners political views, I’ll just leave this right here.

  • Leslie

    Went here with some friends the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. As the weather wasn’t great, it wasn’t crowded at all. No one out front, and only a handful of people on the massive back patio. I was excited because I was planning on bringing my dog. My sister got their early and then texted me not to bring the pup. Apparently when she asked, the bartender told her they weren’t yet able to allow people to bring their dogs. Huh. Thought that was very strange, since I’ve seen photos on social media of people with their pups on the back patio. Not sure if she was given bad information or what, but the bartender looked like he knew what he was about and wasn’t new. Probably won’t go back unless I find out I can actually bring my dog.

    • Leslie



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