Washington, DC

Wait, what? Fear not intrepid readers – 3.0 looks an awful lot like 2.0. And that’s because basically nothing has changed. I have not been bought, I have not been sold. I’ve simply changed the folks who do my tech support and (most of) my advertising. If you recognize the look, it is indeed the same folks who run the Arlington Now site. And really the only big change you’ll see is in commenting. I’ve decided to go the disqus route. Which, alas, means you’ll be required to register to comment. [When you click on comments if you’d like to register you can do so there but if anyone has any problems don’t hesitate to email me, as always, at [email protected]] Basically disqus has more functionality than our old commenting allowed. You’ll be able to up vote comments, add your own pictures and I’m really not sure what else – I’m still learning it too. Ed. Note: All old comments from the last 10+ years will migrate over to the new system but because we’ve got over 1,000,000 comments that may take a few weeks but I promise they are not lost.

What else? 3.0 is far from the final version. If there are things you like or things you don’t like or just things you want please let me know in the comments here so we can add it to the 4.0 version which will actually happen. What else? Free t-shirt for the first person who recognizes the street where the new banner photo is from. Aside from the commenting changes I will continue to flood your brain with photos of hawks and old Christmas trees just like normal. But in all honesty I’m super excited about this new phase and hope the new commenting system isn’t too much of a pain in the ass for ya. hahaha. Stand by for the rant/revel where I’ll be silently praying for raves.


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