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The ultimate stress-relief: Take a class at Washington Improv Theater this summer

by PoP Sponsor June 12, 2017 at 12:10 pm 6 Comments


Break your routine. Meet other fun and interesting people. Discover a new sense of freedom and play.

Take a class at Washington Improv Theater and let yourself get away from the grind of the scripted city for a few hours a week. Classes start next week and some sections are already full!

‘Improv for all’ is our philosophy: whether you’re a nonprofit employee, a corporate lawyer, a software engineer or a high school English teacher, you’ve got something to gain from taking our Foundations of Improv class.

You don’t have to be a “funny person”—our program welcomes everyone with no prerequisites or prior experience necessary.

Our students say:

  • “An excellent opportunity to check your title and circumstance in life at the door, let loose, learn what it is to be invested in the success, and confidence of those around you. Fly that freak flag tall and proud.”
  • “You make instant friends and push yourself in ways that you might not initially believed possible.”

A unique social and creative outlet, a class at WIT spans 8 weeks with a seasoned improv instructor. Learn more about what one of WIT’s improv classes can do for you by reading what our students say and checking out our list of frequently asked questions.

Looking to check out improv from the audience? Check out a show this weekend at the WIT Road Show at DC Arts Center in Adams Morgan. Use the code POPVILLE to get tickets for just $10 each!

Be spontaneous: learn improv with WIT!


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