The New Ben’s Chili Bowl Mural Mystery Revealed

by Prince Of Petworth June 2, 2017 at 4:20 pm 14 Comments

Stay Tuned!

UPDATE: Oh my.

  • Effie

    love that Prince is on there!

  • anon

    Reveled AND revealed.

  • stacksp

    I mentioned Ali in the original thread. Prince and the Obamas were mentioned by several others.

  • textdoc

    Muhammad Ali, Prince, and the Obamas? Excellent!! And I really like how it looks like a “pen and ink” drawing.

    • Vered

      I think it might be sorcery.

  • Easyenough


  • MadMax

    The full list:
    The new mural includes Muhammad Ali, Marion Barry, Chuck Brown, Dave Chappelle, Roberta Flack, Dick Gregory, Taraji P. Henson, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Barack and Michelle Obama, Russ Parr, Prince, Donnie Simpson, Harriet Tubman, Jim Vance, and Wale.

  • penguins9966

    So I love this (especially Prince!) wish we got someone from D.C. A la Marvin Gaye/Chuck Brown/Duke Ellington though…

    • MadMax

      There are. See list in my post above.

      • penguins9966

        Wale? Ugh we can do better… glad to see my main gal Eleanor Holmes Norton making the cut though! Regardless, the mural looks awesome!

  • I love this. Can’t wait to see it in final color. Am especially tickled they included Jim Vance.

    • CHSC

      Same. So, so great Vance got included.

  • I Dont Get It

    No Dorothy Height? :-(

    • textdoc

      To be fair… she’s not really as well-known (or as easily recognizable) as the others.


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