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  • anon

    I am usually aggressively opposed to neighborhoods attempting to inflict economic damage for their own driving/parking convenience. But drive-ins in the city seem like a bad idea. Besides inducing people to drive and be as lazy as possible, they create a bunch of idling cars which is terrible for local air quality and ghg emissions generally.

  • Pollo man

    Shouldn’t they have figured this out beforehand, then? Seems kinda silly and pointless to try and figure out a new solution now.

    • Thunder

      The place was built as a matter of right. The neighbors and ANC tried to mitigate the traffic problem before construction but DDOT wanted to see what would happen. Have to say Chk has not been helpful either.

  • Bobert

    Isn’t it a little too late for this now?

  • kittycatbob

    The community brought this issue up previously. I believe they want the G St. exit closed off so the Drive-In is on the other side. That seems reasonable to me considering it’s causing such a traffic issue for the community.

    • Kingman Park

      I agree. G street isn’t very wide and people tend to make it hard for opposing traffic to pass. G street shouldn’t become a de facto line for Chick Fil A.

  • ET

    Totally laughing about this because so many near here were all hating on the Checkers and I knew this was going to be so much worse. Granted this is about traffic and with Checkers it was about garbage, but still.

    That being said, I have passed by it twice and the situation is a hot mess and I can see why the people living there are angry. It also has been having a negative impact for those just driving both directions on Maryland and going south on 15th.

  • Hstreeter

    I have seen basically zero actual traffic impact. Most of the rush hour patrons are typically commuters heading out to places farther NE or SE.

    • Trinidadian

      I was there walking up last night around 730 or 8. One lane was up to 14th street with cars waiting to get into the drive through, basically making Maryland Ave one lane.

  • KingmanParkian

    Considering the fact that they’ve had to have cops directing traffic on G Street on at least one occasion, I don’t think this is at all out of line. I ride my bike past that intersection daily and it’s been an absolute mess during the evening rush since it opened. And yes, drive-thrus in a city are remarkably stupid.

    • Herbie

      Checkers was a drive through too.

  • CapitalDame

    I have to say, the one time i drove by I saw no less than 3 cars make dangerous, illegal U-turns to try and get into the drive thru. I wouldn’t be happy if I was a neighbor, either.

  • Ryan

    I ran by it on Sunday and didn’t see any issues. I’m not sure what everyone is so worked up about….

    • anon


      • anon2


    • Anon2

      Winner winner chicken dinner^

    • Truxton Thomas


  • John

    There have been several reported sightings of chickens crossing Maryland Avenue.

  • mikeasmith

    ive passed it every morning since it opened and it was only bad when G st was an entrance/exit. a lot of whining about nothing IMO. I wish these people got just as worked up over all the recent murders and other criminal activity… BUT NOPE, crickets.

    • MadMax

      What a completely stupid parallel… Of course many of those same people are upset by murders, in fact there have been posts here on this site of people having meetings to discuss it just like this.

  • TriniSoFlo

    they already fixed it – enter on MD ave, leave on G St. Complainers will complain…

    Chicken is delicious, go have some!

  • Bannon

    It looks like entering from Maryland and exiting on G has fixed the issue. I really think they should enter/exit on Maryland but its all up to DDot

    Chickfila should really address the walk-up window issues. Picked up dinner from there the other night and it is obvious there is not a good system in place. After picking up your food, do you step over the landscaping to exit the line or do you walk back down the crowded line to order.

    I also really hope that the trainers become permanent. From my observation, there were some employees goofing around with friends, moving traffic cones, etc. If employees act like that in front customers, I can only imagine what they are doing inside the restaurant.


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