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About That Snake Warning We Were Talking About…

by Prince Of Petworth June 15, 2017 at 2:45 pm 24 Comments

The odds of this happening to you are probably like winning the lottery but holy moly.

“Dear PoPville,

Not long ago you posted a picture of a sign that appeared at a local playground warning parents of the presence of potentially poisonous snakes, and the resulting thread in part turned into a discussion of whether or not copperhead snakes live in the DC area. Well, fyi, if you haven’t seen this yet, check it out:

A Silver Spring woman was recently bitten by a venomous snake — in her bed:

“The snake in Christie’s bed was a copperhead, which seldom get longer than three feet. But it was big enough. It had bitten Christie — twice, it turned out.”

  • Ho-ly crap! That poor woman; I hope her recovery is swift. I freaked out once when a wolf spider crawled on me in bed; I cannot imagine waking to a freakin’ copperhead!

  • flieswithhoney

    NO nonononono! Also, hope Christie’s recovery is swift. Back to rocking back and forth, back and forth.

  • DCYogi

    Oh wow. She is my yoga instructor at CorePower in Georgetown. Hope she’s okay!

  • Commentator

    “‘Huge’ is a relative term. Anacondas can grow to 18 feet long, as can Burmese pythons. The snake in Christie’s bed was a copperhead, which seldom get longer than three feet. But it was big enough.”
    Yes, three feet of snake in a bed is big enough. Gah!

    • Elvis’s Mom

      “Yes, three feet of snake in a bed is big enough” AHEM.

  • Anon

    Nooooooooooooooo. Just last night I killed a large spider in my bed, a mosquito in my bedroom a minute later, and then another large spider in the hallway (I knew these things come in threes) and I thought I had it bad.

    • Ms. D

      If you left the spiders you wouldn’t have to worry about mosquitoes!
      Mostly kidding, even I (not afraid of spiders at all) rehome spiders to the outdoors if they cooperate, kill them if they don’t.

      • Anon OP

        Ah, I hadn’t even thought of that (wasn’t exactly thinking straight the first time). The one in my bed was a large creepy crawly and the last thing I need is a spider bite, but I’ll keep it mind for other ones!

  • Time. To. Panic.

  • AMDCer

    I. Will. Never. Sleep. Again.

  • anon&confused


  • Emmaleigh504

    gah! nightmare fuel!

  • That’s even more terrifying than all the times growing up in the country that a snake would drop out of a tree in front of me. Usually a black snake. Still terrifying.

  • LittleBluePenguin

    oh holy sh!t. I’m not afraid of snakes in general, and I know that what happened to her is extremely rare, but still, major yikes! Living in Silver Spring with a nice wooded yard, is there anything I should know about how to make the house repellent to snakes? Like, would sprinkled paprika around the perimeter keep them away? I’m probably reaching, but I just never thought copperheads hung out in such populated areas.

    • anon&confused

      I grew up in a wooded but heavily populated area. My dad pulled a copperhead out of the gutters once, when he was doing a clean up (he was not bitten). My poor parents also had a baby copperhead in their bedroom once. Both times they were dispatched quickly.

    • PFlyer

      I have NO idea if any of these actually work, but . . . . http://www.therusticelk.com/naturally-repel-snakes/

      I particularly like the following suggestion: Get some chickens, pigs, and/or guinea fowl

      “Choose some livestock critters, they’re beneficial in so many ways! Chickens, pigs and guinea fowl will all attack snakes. “

  • Ryan

    Copperhead came right into our living room about 15 years ago in my house in Cabin John, MD. Let’s just say, the nanny wasn’t pleased when she looked under the couch to find a coiled up snake hissing at her. Luckily our neighbor had handled many copperheads in the past and came into the house and “handled” it. Also, a friend of mine got bit really bad in high school at a house party in Potomac, MD. They are very very common around here, especially near the Potomac river. I’d bet on them living along the C&0 canal in Northwest.

    • Gee

      Oh, great. I live on the Canal in NW

  • Married

    Copperheads are not an aggressive snake. They will only bite you if you touch them, step on them or snuggle with them. Kind of like after you’ve been married to someone for a while.

    • PFlyer

      Too funny!!!!! But also, sadly, sometimes too true . . . .

  • Bloomingdale

    We live in Ledroit Park and had a baby snake in our backyard two weeks ago. Our backyard is paved and has not one blade of grass. There are trees in our neighbors backyards. But still, Ledroit Park…

  • Ally

    I was bitten by a huge brown recluse spider when living in Silver Spring. Something about that town …heh.

    • LittleBluePenguin

      whoa. That is even scarier!!! holy crap, I’m assuming you had to go to the hospital?

  • PFlyer

    Christie’s horrific “I’ve just been struck by lightening” experience aside, I found it interesting that the article quoted both Montgomery County and Maryland state wildlife officials as saying that yes, we live alongside of copperheads in this area, and yes, there has been an uptick in the number of sightings, but no, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are more copperheads out there these days, but more likely just that it is easier to get the word out in this day and age of instant electronic communications. And it was also helpful that the article reports that the sign was posted at the playground in an over abundance of caution in light of a confirmed report that a dog had been bitten there. Wishing a speedy recovery to you, Christie!


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