“She said he tackled her into the alley, at which point she started screaming”

by Prince Of Petworth June 6, 2017 at 1:45 pm 6 Comments

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A reader reports:

“Just wanted to report a crime that occurred tonight on the 1000 block of U St. NW. I was walking down the block when I heard a young (by young I mean both the victim and suspect appear to be in their early 20s) blonde girl crying on her cell phone that she was just tackled into an alley on the block, right by Corte Salon. She described her attacker as a young white male, about 5’6, “chubby,” with curly hair, wearing a short sleeve shirt and pants. She said he tackled her into the alley, at which point she started screaming. It sounded like an attempted sexual assault but I did not probe. He got up and fled down the alley. I found some police and she gave them a similar report. This all took place around 10:45pm Monday evening.”

  • Katie

    I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not, but around that same time (10:37 pm) I was lying in bed when I heard a loud thud against my floor to ceiling bedroom window. I turned the light on and saw a man, by the same description, taking a shit while leaning against the window. He obviously thought no one was home. I ran out front and screamed at him. I got a good look at him. 5’6 Hispanic or white mail, curly hair, mid 20’s and chubby. I live at 11th and Q, NW. He seemed intoxicated. I wanted to call the cops, but knew he’d be long gone by the time they arrived on scene.

    • MHillPark

      What a horrifying view that must have been . . . probably not a bad idea to report that to the police in order to help ID the perpetrator if this was indeed an attempted sexual assault.

    • Reality

      Agreed – always good to call the police regardless because if a man by the same description is reported in the area, it helps police piece together the events for a fuller report — especially if they actually catch and charge him.

  • Katie


  • A

    Not sure if this is related – but right around that time (10:45-50ish) I was getting back to my building (The Lincoln), and entering on the 11th Street side just off U Street, and as I was swiping my fob to come in, a drunk guy of a similar description (though I think he had on a dark vertical stripe shirt, it may have been long sleeve) appeared behind me and was trying to enter after me. I asked him if he had his key (we’ve had issues before with people trying to enter) and he said he lost it, and I told him he’d have to go to the other side of the building and try to enter (basically just trying to get rid of him). He kept going, “really?” and then tried to pull the door open. I told him I couldn’t let him come in the building, and then he leaned towards me to back me to the wall and said, “I like you.” I jumped out of the way, started yelling at him to get away and ran back towards the street. He threw his hand dismissively at me and then walked off towards 11th and V. Definitely freaked me out a bit. Not sure if it was the same guy – could be a coincidence, but it was very close to the one reported above.

    • Katie

      I called the cops. They appreciated the information. I recommend doing the same.


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