Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

As you and others have pointed out, Cleveland Park has been losing businesses and struggling to attract new ones. Cleveland Park faces tough competition from other neighborhoods, both established and newly-resurgent. But the neighborhood and surrounding community now have an unique opportunity to protect Cleveland Park’s historic character while preparing it for the future.

We’re looking for feedback on our proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map and we are using this survey to begin needed community engagement on how to ensure our little neighborhood’s long-term health. With Ripple and Nam Viet both closing their doors this month, it’s clear something needs to change.

The Comprehensive Plan contemplates what the District will look like over the next 10-20 years. We think these proposals can help start the process of increasing density in Cleveland Park to take advantage of our Metro station, to provide more affordable housing units, and to help ensure the necessary foot traffic to support vibrant and diverse businesses in Cleveland Park. We know these proposals are not some sort of magic bullet – but we think they are a necessary first step.

It’s important to note that these proposals do not have any immediate effect. The Office of Planning will evaluate all submitted proposed amendments this summer. In the fall, OP will announce which proposals have made it through their process and seek public comment. Then, OP will modify or discard any proposals based on public feedback and submit the package to the Council, which votes on the proposals. These proposals do not affect the service lane. Changes to the service lane are part of the Cleveland Park Streetscape Project, which is set to begin later this year.

The survey is available here.

Beau Finley, Emma Hersh, and Bob Ward”


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