Washington, DC

“A Gorsha bowl featuring berbere chicken, kale and spinach, shiro sauce, pickled shallots, fermented cucumber and injera crisps”

From a press release:

“New Ethiopian fast casual eatery, Gorsha, is now open at Union Market (1309 5th Street NE). With his signature taco-inspired injera pockets and customizable bowls, founder and chef Hiyaw Gebreyohannes is excited to introduce Washingtonians to his modern spin on traditional Ethiopian cuisine.

Gorsha’s injera pockets and bowls can be topped with traditional Ethiopian ingredients such as red lentils, yellow split peas and shiro sauce, as well as non-traditional add-ons like corn salsa, pickled shallots and fermented cucumbers. Protein options will include berbere chicken, braised lamb and yellowfin tuna, and Ethiopian favorites like Berbere Salt and Awaze will be available for purchase for $5 and $6, respectively.

Gorsha will be open Tuesday through Sunday, 11am to 8pm.

Prior to launching Gorsha, Gebreyohannes successfully created a niche for modern Ethiopian fare serving high-profile catering clients, including President Bill Clinton, Oprah, Tyler Perry, Google, Goldman Sachs and The Nelson Mandela Children’s Foundation. His vision for Gorsha is simple: introduce a new Ethiopian palate with creative and contemporary recipes, encouraging people to rethink how they define African food. In 2011, Gebreyohannes founded “Taste of Ethiopia,” the first packaged Ethiopian food retail line sold at Whole Foods and on Amazon and Fresh Direct.

“I love guiding people through their first bite of Ethiopian food. Union Market provides a great community and platform to do that in a way that is fun and creative, while also making the the cuisine more accessible,” says Gebreyohannes.

ABOUT GORSHA: /gor-sha/ verb. an act of friendship and love, offering a mouthful of food by hand. Gorsha is a fast casual eatery located at Union Market. We’re out to demystify Ethiopian food by serving up the best of Ethiopian-inspired cuisine. We believe ingredients should be bold and quality should be accessible. We’re here to disrupt the food scene by redefining the Ethiopian palate. So join our community, and spread love the gorsha way. For more information, please visit www.eatgorsha.com.”


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