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Report of Shots Fired at 5th and Jefferson around 10pm Last Night; Big Police Presence at 14th and Randolph St, NW this Morning

by Prince Of Petworth June 14, 2017 at 9:30 am 22 Comments

Last night a reader reported around 10pm:

“possible shooting at 5th and Jefferson NW Street closed & cop looking for casings (looks like it at least).”

Other residents have been inquiring about the incident on the listserv, will update when/if MPD responds.

Also this morning readers write:

“There were at least 10 police cars on the corner and they had blocked off the Randolph Street coming off of 14th St NW. Any idea what’s going on over there? They had a fancy looking guy in a suit walking towards what I assumed was the site of the incident.”

  • ms frizzle

    What time was the morning report at Randolph and 14th? I was at that intersection at 8:15 and didn’t see a thing.

    • pupusa heights

      @ms frizzle – I first noticed the police cars out there at 6:45am and they were still out there when I left at 7:20am.

    • wdc

      I was there at 7:45 and whatever action was over, but the tape was still up and there were a dozen cop cars with lights flashing.

    • PetworthGuy

      Yep – I turned right onto 14th from Randolph at 8:25 and didn’t see anything either.

  • Guillermo Brown

    14th and Randolph…lemme guess. Guys are constantly drinking to the point of inebriation up and down this block. There have been fights on and off coming from a couple of the businesses over the last year (even a shooting homicide in the winter of ’14 in front of Sabor Latino). Golden Paradise, which recently opened as a nightclub mascarading as a restaurant, has had more than a couple drunken late night fights, stabbings, and other generally unsavory neighborly behavior (they hired a security guard for late night; it’s like “hey, I’m not a nightclub, I’m a restaurant…don’t mind my security guard.”). So yeah, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say either stabbing, shooting, domestic incident, etc. Hopefully everyone is ok, but MPD needs to step up and be proactive with the drunks. There’s a beat cop that rides a Segway on this stretch, but he seems more preoccupied with chatting people up that doing anything about the overtly illegal behavior.

    • HaileUnlikely

      There’s significant gang activity, predating the restaurant/nightclub, that flares up from time to time in this area as well.

    • wdc

      Chatting people up IS doing something about the illegal behavior, or it could be. He’s not arresting drunks, but I hope he’s learning what issues are brewing and who the really bad actors are. I hope.

      • Anonymous

        This has been going on for over four years. If this cop was laying the groundwork for an investigation, it’s certainly a long investigation! Meanwhile, things are have gotten much worse along this strip. Time for results!

    • pupusa heights

      I know the exact cop you’re talking about. Who knows what he’s talking about with the people usually standing outside of the convenient store on the corner. I’ve seen cars nearly running pedestrians over, or illegally parked cars, right in his plain view… and he does nothing, but laugh and joke around on his cute Segway (at least, that’s how it always appears, I could be wrong).

    • GP continues to exist in its current form because the neighborhood tolerates it. Same, with respect to the shabby policing.

      • Guillermo Brown

        Honest question: what is the neighborhood supposed to do about GP? They opened, had numerous incidents related or tangentially related to their patrons, and almost immediately thereafter were requesting a change in their license to allow nightlife/nightclub activity. Neighbors emailed the ANC commissioner, called the police when incidents occurred, called ABRA, etc…. The ANC commish was basically like, “yea, let’s give em a chance. I talked to the owner and she wants to be a family restaurant.” What type of family restaurant needs a security guard at night? And I don’t want to hear “it’s a cultural thing.” I’m Hispanic, and I take offense to the idea that Hispanic people use their restaurants as nightclubs. GP’s intention all along was to be a nightclub, but some of us are too naive to see it

        • stacksp

          In a lot of instances, the night time activity helps to pay and cover the lease

        • I don’t know about “supposed to”, but one idea for perhaps changing GP into a less crime-ridden establishment is to organize, institute, and maintain a neighborhood boycott of the establishment, along with each and every local business that enables it (landlord, suppliers, etc.). Not easy, maybe not even realistic, but not impossible.

  • melissa

    At 5th and Ingraham, there were cops around 10pm searching alleys and leaving their cars running with the lights off at 10pm. By 10-:40 they dispersed, but I awoke around midnight and they had blocked traffic at 5th and Ingraham with a vehicle completely. Why would they leave, then come back? IU

  • CatieCat

    Walked by the cop(s) looking for casings with flashlights on 5th and Jefferson and also down Ingraham. They were relatively casual about it all, so not sure what kinda action prompted it. There were no neighbors out or any commotion, so it’s a chance it was a false alarm?

    • Anon

      No, it was not a false alarm. I heard five or six shots, and saw someone else tweet about it. At least now I’m sure I can tell the difference between gunshots and fireworks.

      • CatieCat

        Ugh, i was driving home from the airport and only got back to the area once the cops had closed the street. Glad I wasnt home. We had a murder across the street from our place in Sept and i didnt even hear the shots then…

  • Brittni waldow

    I was up around 630 and it had just been two police cars and by the time I left for work at 715 there were over ten police cars and the block was taped off. Still not sure what happened but am concerned-I live directly across the street.

  • Anonymous

    This block of 14th Street especially near Randolph St is always a problem. People on drugs and prostitutes common. MPD refuses to enforce the day drinking, public drug use and prostitution laws. It’s become a known haven for people to go and drink/use drugs. People have complained and nothing.

  • Poodles

    Was there any answer regarding 14th and Randolph? I live there and was less concerned when I saw a drunk Hispanic man being IVed and carted off – this is weekly – but more so when there was quite a lot of police presence and tape still up when I left at 7:20 or so.

    • JB

      Per a police report:

      At approximately 0630 hours this morning V-1 and V-2 were walking on the sidewalk near 14th and Randolph streets. They were approached by S-1 who asked them if they had money or beer. When they said no, S-1 called to S-2 and S-3 who were across the street. After the three suspects met up, S-1 began stabbing V-1 with an unknown object. When V-2 attempted to intervene, S-1 began stabbing him as well. At some point during the altercation, S-2 took the listed property out of V-2’s front pants pocket. W-1 observed the altercation and when the suspects noticed his presence, they fled on foot east in the 1300 block of Randolph St NW.

      • Anonymous

        If people are concerned about the crime on 14th St, they need to email their ANC Commisioner Zach Teutsch.


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